Back at it again!! Broken Record!

I started this blog a few or so years ago.  Wanted to use it as a way to document/be accountable to my weight loss journey.  Well, much like a person who falls off a wagon for whatever reason, I too have fallen off the weight loss wagon.  Four months ago I decided to get one major part of my health in check – my allergies.  I didn’t realize how horrid my allergies really were.  Not only am I allergic to the outside and the inside, but four pretty major food categories – wheat, milk (pretty much all dairy), soy and eggs.  I knew I had issues with wheat and dairy, but eggs and soy threw me.  I LOVE Chinese food, you have no idea.  I haven’t eaten it since October.  And I miss it.   I made a concerted effort to change my ways, to branch out my, up-to-this-point, non-existent real culinary skills and to change how I eat.

It is amazing how not eating what you’re allergic to can really change how you feel.  Food has been a huge staple for me (hence the chubbiness), but I was doing such a disservice to myself with ingesting what my body couldn’t properly digest.  I was moody, stuffed up, had abdominal issues, fatigued, you name it.  All because I told myself “it’s okay, you can eat this, you’ll be fine.”  I wasn’t fine.  I was hurting myself.

So, a new chapter/journey in my life began.  Gone were the food groups that were destroying me (a little mellow-dramatic?  Yes).   January 4th began a new adventure that has become my new passion – Boxing!  Title Boxing came into my life and has changed my activity level to one that I am seeing very positive results.  This is a very slow process, and I know that.  I have had to learn how to be patient.  Please visit their website at:

With this blog, my goal is to be accountable, to share experiences, recipes, and videos.  I hope this is something someone can get some positive force from.


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