Back at it!!

I believe it was Gene Autry who sang, “I’m back in the saddle again….”  Tonight, after being off from any extra movement beyond walking from point A to point B, I am back in the saddle, starting to work out.  As one ventures off on an almost two mile walk, it is important to make sure the iPod is charged.  With no music, I’m left alone with my own thoughts, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.  For instance, I had three major thoughts in my 30 minute jaunt.

1.  With everyone’s yards being so dry, there are many sprinklers in operation.  One question popped into my head:  Would it be inappropriate to run through random sprinklers?  Probably not, unless I was in my underpants.  I wouldn’t put either past me.   Yes, underpants sprinkler running entered my mind.

2.  As you come upon an election sign know the candidate’s name most likely isn’t Booger.  It is Roger.  Get your eyes checked.

3.  I found out a week ago that my cholesterol is pretty high.  It’s been elevated for quite a few years, but over the past year, it has risen a bit more.  In fact, it is just short of needing medication.  One thing I always told myself was I would not take medications for something that can be regulated by diet and exercise.  Now that I’m at that level, it is a wake up call.   I really need to take the measures to keep myself on track, such as writing down what I eat, my activities, and measurements.  I hate doing this.  I forget, I find it daunting, and most of all, annoying.  But, if I want to make the change to my lifestyle, it has to be done.  Probably the biggest change I must contend with is not whining when Mark gets after me when I do something that isn’t good for myself.  Even though I asked him to do so, he’s the best husband to comply and does it because he loves me, but I still whine, a lot.  My childish behavior is now going to stop.

To bring my cholesterol levels into perspective, and as a constant reminder to myself, here they are:

HDL – The “good”:  37 (desired is over 40)

LDL “The bad”: 180 (desired is under 130.  Medication recommended if 190 or higher)

So, today starts the alteration of me.  No turning back.  My activity today was walking for 30 minutes for a distance of 1.63 miles.  I’m going to walk again tomorrow!  I must remember, this is all fun!!


Here is the other love of my life, Aspen.  Mark had a concert in Hudsonville and I decided   to take her with me.  She did so well.


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