My First Blog

I’m chubby.  Quite a revelation, isn’t it?  I have been for quite some time now.  It all started in college.  When I entered GVSU in 1988, I was 20 years old and 98 pounds.  Well, four short months later I turned 21 and suddenly there was a new form of beverages I hadn’t partaken in before, those of the adult variety.  The problem with the drinks, they were fruity in nature.  In my naive’ mind, I thought I was doing myself a favor.  How bad can a fruit cocktail be?  It’s fruit, an otherwise healthy snack.  Wrong!  I packed on the pounds at an alarming rate.  Now, 23 years later, I am overweight.  Add asthma to the mix and you have one hot number.

I guess it’s unfair to completely blame the alcohol.  It was also the fault of food.  If it weren’t so darned delicious.  Pizza, mac and cheese, and hot dogs, yup, the foods fault.  In reality, it was me, all me.  No will power.  Now, so many years later, I still struggle.  I did lose 46 pounds once, only to be told I didn’t reach my target 50 pounds goal so therefore, I was a loser.  It’s amazing how the word “loser” can strike such a chord and thus devastate a pretty happy person.  Instead of proving my nay-Sayer wrong, I withdrew back into the chubby girl I once was.  Finding it much easier to be fat, I soon found myself at my absolute heaviest.  I have lost some weight, but I’m definitely not where I want to be.  So, it’s back to the weight loss drawing board.  I’ve started running (albeit incredibly slow) and started doing P90x (very minimally), hoping one of them catches on. To supplement my workouts, I’m going to put everything in writing.  So, here it is, in blog form.


2 thoughts on “My First Blog

  1. I started with weight watchers… It teaches you how to eat and what to eat… At least for me it did.. I’m starting to now get into to fitness a lot but food and diet are so important… With weight watcher I lost 25 lbs and I now eat healthy everyday… Things like pizza and hotdogs are a splurge for me 🙂 even if you don’t start with weight watchers, diet is the most important… Once you teach your brain to make the right choices when it comes to food, it’s all downhill from there 🙂

    Keep up the blog! Writing about your progress can be inspirational for a lot of people and relatable! Also keep you accountable 🙂

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